About us

SAKAMI Merchandise (hereinafter referred to as SAKAMI) was founded in Germany in 2013. The founders already had more than 10 years of development and management experience in the comic and video game merchandise market. 
With a keen market sense of the animation and game industries and unique local advantages, SAKAMI has successively obtained licenses of many popular Japanese brands for animation IP and for video games, including One Punch Man, Assassination Classroom, Detective Conan, High School DxD, Death Note, Street Fighter, Yu-Gi-Oh, Monster Hunter, Plants vs. Zombies, Resident Evil, Boruto, Fairy Tail, etc. 
Since 2018, SAKAMI has been Toei Animation Japan's authorized official and exclusive European distributor for original One Piece merchandise from China and Korea. 
By the end of 2021, the company has independently developed, produced and exclusively distributed more than 140 products, including plush toys, mouse pads, key chains, scroll pictures, mugs, piggy banks, umbrellas, pillowcases, bath towels, bath curtains, playing cards, acrylic figures, document covers, 3D images and more.

In the almost ten years of its existence, the company's distribution network has expanded from Germany to the entire European animation and gaming industry. It has established long-term cooperation with many large and well-known retail chains and strong wholesalers in Europe. 
SAKAMI products are also sold at virtually all of the countless anime and video game sales fairs and conventions held throughout the year in various EU countries, with France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and other EU countries accounting for more than 50% of the market share.

The company has high standards for product development, strictly controls the process and strives for perfection. The product positioning of mid-to-high-end merchandise has been widely recognized by the market and trusted by partners. SAKAMI has earned a high reputation in the European animation and video game industry, and has become Germany's leading company focusing on the development of animation and game merchandise.

At the same time, the company has also worked extensively with many commercial clients, developing and producing related products for many authorized and independent brands of commercial clients and helping them expand their product catalogs. SAKAMI is able to offer them the development, production and quality control of any kind of goods from China, and employs Chinese-speaking staff in Germany and China who are responsible for this work. 
Companies and licensed IPs working with SAKAMI include Tokyopop's Goldfish brand, VIZ Media Switzerland (now Crunchyroll) (Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia), German company Filmconfect Anime (To Love Ru - Queen of the Pack), German company Peppermint Anime (Sword Art Online, Free! Seven Deadly Sins, among others), Koch Media (Monster Rancher), and German figure distributor Figuya (Aggrestuko, Hatsune Miku).

Over the next few years, the company expects to continue to see rapid growth in its licensed product catalog and revenue share. Even in the special period of 2020-2021, when hundreds of anime and game sales fairs in Europe were cancelled, SAKAMI still maintained a strong growth trend.

---- CEO of SAKAMI Merchandise: Ronny Wolf and Andreas Ritter
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